About Us

Vision :
CTED can contribute in India to the creation of an enabling environment in which rural people can identify their needs and priorities and with professional support, organize themselves to improve the quality of their lives. 60,000 Rural & Urban youth & Women to start Service related Micro Enterprises (ME) in 2020 century.


Mission of the organization

CTED exists to enable the empowerment of rural communities and groups, particularly the underprivileged and women, to take control over their lives and manage their environment, to create a better and more equitable society.“Ensuring livelihoods of poor communities by providing development services, in particular through entrepreneurship development.”

Our Approach

CTED approach to development is firmly founded upon participatory action at the community level. At the heart of the organization is the aim of developing income generation activities which is facilitated by an intensive process of entrepreneurship development and local institutional development. Particular emphasis is placed upon the poor community and women.

Since the inception of CTED has been working at the grassroots community level and it has an identity of professional voluntary development working at the grassroots. CTED has developed a framework of development, which is translated to the community level. It addresses the development issues in the following manner as shown in the illustration.

CTED Since the last 14 years have focused on the seven major sector or themes and undertaken projects and programmes on Entrepreneurship Development, Natural Resource productivity Enhancement, Education, Women & children’s health & Family welfare, Microfinance & Micro enterprise development through CBOs, Cluster development Initiative & Research, training and consultancy. There are four different strategies to reach the goal i.e, training & capacity building of the community, community mobilization, networking, and research and policy advocacy. Over the years CTED has undertaken projects in improving skill & capacity status of the new & existing entrepreneurs especially belonging to the poor and backward communities. The focus of all the interventions is on promoting artisan of cluster development and improving their awareness and skills.

Programmatic Approach

  1. MICRO
    • Project Planning & Management
    • Field Implementation
    • Community Development
    • Promotion & Protection of Rural Livelihood
    • NRM &
    • Resource Mobilization
    • Training & Capacity Building
    • Promotion of Rural & Urban Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship & Enterprises “3E”
    • Networking
  2. MACRO
    • Training & Consultancy
    • Field Implementation

What We Do

We work directly with over 52,000 poor families in more than 320 villagers implementing various entrepreneurship & rural development program, covering 13 districts & 4 State. Most of the people we work with belong to weaker section & social disadvantaged communities